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Office Network Cabling in Newcastle

We’re living in the information age and despite all the hype around wireless, workplaces still need cables to carry large volumes of data. And for those that insist on wireless? Even Wireless Access Points need cabling. For the modern office, data cabling is as essential as electrical cabling. We utilise AFL products and can offer a 20 year warranty on our cabling.

Are your staff complaining of a slow network? Your hardware may be capable of transmitting files at up to 1000Mbps however your cabling may be limiting you to 100 Mbps! We offer a wide range of network cabling services that include the design and install of Cat 6 or Cat 6a cabling, along with Fibre Optic cabling. Additionally, we can repair and maintain lower level networks such as Cat 5 or Cat 5e. We design and install complete new networks or we can merge new solutions with your existing network to accommodate your growing networking needs.

VOIP Phone System Installation Newcastle

Our structured cabling systems support the implementation of any phone system you desire, from direct connection to POTS (plain old telephone service), or PABX (private automatic branch exchange), or IP PABX (internet protocol private automatic branch exchange), and other systems. We have a telephone specialist on staff that can advise, design and install a phone system suitable to your needs. We can also maintain and repair your existing phone system.

MATV (Master Antenna Television)

Our highly skilled technicians have decades of experience working with Master Antenna Television (MATV) systems. We can design and install MATV systems in your business that will suit your needs now and grow with you as you scale. Our experience also means we're able to repair and maintain existing systems to make sure your TV system is working exactly how you'd like it to, with crystal clear signal.

Who might use MATV?

  • -
    Motels, Hotels and Resorts
  • -
    Schools and Universities
  • -
    Gyms, Fitness and Health Centres
  • -
    Apartment Buildings and Offices
  • -
    Businesses with Multiple Televisions

CCTV Security System Installation

CCTV (closed-circuit television) has come a long way since the early days, and these days only needs a standard networking cable per camera, which significantly eases installation and reduces costs. Modern CCTV cameras are high definition, operate well in low-light conditions, and can even record audio. We can design and install a high definition CCTV system to give you security and peace of mind. Our CCTV systems can allow you to login and live-view from your phone, no matter where you might be. They can also be configured to send you an alert when movement is detected in a certain zone.

Security Master Licence Number: 000103983

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